Without spending a single more second answering irrelevant questions manually through Messenger & Instagram's DM's! What you are about to discover will change the way you approach customer service online forever...

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Dear Business Builder,

Let me guess, you're looking for new ways to save time and money all while offering exceptional and consistent customer service to your customers?

And you're thinking:

"If only there was a way to answer all my customers questions instantly without having to hire an actual employee to answer repetitive questions"

💬 My product is defective. How can I return it?

💬 What are your best-selling products? Do you ship to X (country)?

💬 Do you sell X or Y?

💬 Where are you located?

Information that you've plastered on your website, your Facebook & Instagram page, Google My Business, EVERYWHERE!

Yet, they keep asking these questions. Over and over again.


Because people are lazy.

Ok, that might sound a little bit harsh, but truth is

People don't want to have to stop what they are doing to search for your website and find the page containing the information they're looking for.

They'd much rather save time and ask you directly.

Look at it this way...

You're spending 2-3 hours a day answering messages in your social media DMs.

Your inbox is full of questions from customers who already put their trust in your product/service or are looking for a little extra information before they make a purchase.

But you're so overwhelmed that you miss some of them or you reply too late and there you go—you just missed their impulse buy.

Or maybe you're alsoin the service business and some leads want to book an appointment with you.

If you're still living in the early 2000s and only answer your customers by email, add us on MSN!

But seriously, for the sake of your business...

Please keep reading.

As a business owner, you want to reach your customers where they are.

But where are they?

Smartphones currently account for 70 percent of the total digital media time inthe U.S. (Comscore, 2019). That's a 22.8 percent increase from the 57 percentregistered in 2017!

Walk with me...

What do we use our phones for the most?

A study carried out by unearthed the top 10 daily uses for smartphones:

1. Texting (88% use this)
2. Email (70%)
3. Facebook (62%)
4. Camera (61%)
5. Reading news (58%)
6. Online shopping (56%)
7. Checking the weather (54%)
8. WhatsApp (51%)
9. Banking (45%)
10. Watching videos on YouTube (42%)

Interesting! So texting takes the first spot and Facebook takes the third while online shopping is only in the 6th rank.

What makes this even more interesting is knowing that according to, the lead messaging app in U.S and Canada is by far Facebook Messenger!

Over the past two years, Facebook Messenger's active users have consistently grown from 900 million in 2017 to 1.55 billion as of October 2018. With a 27 percent increase alone in just one year!

Statistics on leading messaging apps used in Canada as of April 2019An histogram showing Most popular mobile messaging apps in the United States as of 2019 by monthly active users (n millions)

It's important to note that these statistics don't qualify instagram as a messaging app.

But you know as much as we do that people spend A LOT of time on Instagram. Like... A lot.

For many, it has become their primary means of communication with the brands they LOVE.

This is when "reach your customers where they are" starts to make sense!

So if you're still not convinced that answering questions directly through Facebook Messenger & Instagram is important for your business then...

Stop reading!!!

Close this tab and get back to what you we're doing because what we're about to tell you is not for you!

Yes, you're still here? Great! :)

What if you could enable your customers to do online shopping all while staying inside their favorite apps?

Without interrupting their current activities.

You might be thinking: "Well that would require me to be constantly answering my DM's and it would take me a crazy amount of time!!!"

Didn't we tell you we would save you time and not spend it?

You're absolutely right!

So how can you do that?

How can WE do it?

Well what you need is...

A smart and sleepless customer service representative that works 24-hours per day, 7-days per week...
An iPhone showing an ecommerce chatbot conversation

And won't ever call in sick or take holidays...

Or go work for a competitor.

This person goes by...

- First name: Chat

- Last name: Bot

Yep, a good ol' unpaid sleepless customer service representative is like a well-trained personal assistant that'll help you make more sales, guide your customers through return/refund processes, answer repetitive questions, and most importantly:


And, if you set it up right the first time around, it will work for you day and night to bring in emails, leads, and sales.

Here's what one of these puppies looks like:

Shopify Dashboard of a clent showing various statistics and performance

Vicky Girouard is the CEO of Motivop, a Quebec-based company that aims to empower women by helping them develop an optimistic and resilient mindset through products such as agendas, workbooks, positive affirmation cards as well as services like 1 on 1 personal training and positive planning courses. Her mission is to inspire women to believe in themselves so they can thrive and achieve their dreams.

2 years ago, most of her sales came from retail. At that point, Vicky was eager to scale her business online and we knew that it had the potential to succeed.

Excitedly, we began working together.

A conversational flow showing the results generated and various statistics
A chatbot broadcast flow showing the results generated on the side
A graph showing the growing user base of a client business by using conversationnal marketing alone. Growing upto 9,225 contacts in the span of a year.
An abandonned cart chatbot flow showing how it generated over $4,000 being sent 1,385 times

Our team used online strategies including Facebook ads, Messenger and Instagram chatbots and Email marketing to increase her online revenue by over 300% in just 2 years. Needless to say, Motivop's CEO was over the moon with our results:

HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in online revenue alone.

Not too shabby!

Today, she has over 14 000+ likes on her Facebook page and her loyal following keeps on growing as women from all different backgrounds gather and see themselves in her unique—yet relatable—story.

We still actively work with the team at Motivop, aiming to reach $1M in online sales!

still not convinced?

If you’re not impressed by Ecommerce results and we still haven’t managed to convince you just yet...

No problem, let us pull out the big guns... Here’s what our chatbots did for this technology consultant selling online trainings!

A screenshot of facebook ads manager showing the results of conversationnal marketing for one of Letmetalk's client in lead generation

Anthony Omenya is Omenya Consulting's CEO, a Montreal-based software consulting agency that helps entrepreneurs develop profitable mobile apps and digital technologies.

He came to us in 2019 with the desire to fully automate his business, scale his online revenue and acquire more leads. At that point, he was doing everything alone and was tired of it. He wanted to have the time to focus on what really matters—growing his business.

With these goals in mind, our team put in place a solid strategy including Facebook ads and a Messenger chatbot to help him pre-qualify and close serious leads.

We could see the result of our efforts reflected in the amount of conversations started through the chatbot that was implemented, specifically because every client that started a conversation was pre-qualified to see if they were a good fit for Anthony's business model.

That was the greatest achievement of this campaign:

Connecting Anthony with powerful prospects that ultimately generated the most revenue and getting his name out there as an industry leader.

In only 6 months, Omenya Consulting went from $0 to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in online revenue!

To this day, Anthony still acquires solid leads with little effort, thanks to the automations that were set up over a year ago.

A graph showing the growing number of leads generated on Manychat platform with conversationnal marketing

Why spend thousands of dollars and countless hours 'testing' things and using your own customers as guinea pigs when you can simply let experts do it right the first time?

Look, we aren’t going to sit here, lie to you, and tell you that it is absolutely impossible for you to build a successful chatbot strategy and implement it to your social media accounts.

In fact, when we’ll finally meet in our free strategy session, we’ll give you templates and blueprints that already generated over 100,000$ in additional sales directly from our customers DMs!  


We can all watch a couple YouTube tutorials, sit down for a few hours learning and reading from online blogs and tutorials. 

After a couple days, shoot your shot at implementing what you learned and hope for the best. 

It doesn’t mean that it’s the best decision for your business. 

Right? Right! 

We probably think we’re saving time and money doing so, but the aftermath might leave us feeling the opposite. 

And then what are we left with? 

Dispair. Deceit. Frustration.   

Or not. 

Do we really want to flip that coin? 

Yeah...  We thought so too.

That’s why it’s better to learn from the best experts in the industry that already spent thousands of dollars on ad spend, tools and premium training by the best of the best.

We've built chatbots paired with a strong marketing strategy more times than we can count in the last couple of years. We've collectively spent over 10,000 hours learning, experimenting, building our own tools around chatbot platforms seeing what works and what doesn't.

We even built a custom app to help Shopify owners sell their products right from their DM's. Automatically.

That means no going back to your flows to manually update products when they go out of stock.

Updating the products you want to put on display straight from Shopify.

Saving uncountable hours building flows that do the longmanual repetitive work for you. Automatically!

We didn't earn our Messenger Marketing Expert badge watching TikToks all day...

And since you don't want to waste your time,

We're so confident in our skills and our service that we...

Will automate up to 90% of your FACEBOOK MESSENGER & instagram dm's or your money back

Why are we offering this?

We'll tell you why.

Instagram DM automation is a feature that has only been made available by the all great and powerful Facebook, a few weeks ago!

And trust us when we tell you...


Small business owners have been dreaming of it for so long and yet they aren't aware that it is now available!

Or they don't have time to implement it themselves.

And sometimes, unsurprisingly, some of us at Letmetalk tend to interact with businesses through Instagram or Facebook.

Let me tell you how weird it feels for us to interact with a business that replies only after a few hours, hell a few days if ever!

We hate calling during business hours or sending email and hoping for an answer back in 4-5 business days and we feel a lot of other people do too!


Does this offer excite you? Interested in putting us to the test?

Will you be trailing behind or showing the way?

An image with various logos from companies multiple industries that worked with Letmetalk

special message from business owners who ridiculously increased their revenues and saved massive amounts of time

How Heysocial generated an extra 6 figures in revenue in 7 months

HeySocial is an online business that creates ready-to-launch Social Ads featuring user-generated content from micro-influencers. They were already successful generating customers through their sales team but needed help scaling their offer online.  

We were able to build them a successful Chatbot and Facebook Advertising strategy to generate them AN EXTRA 6 FIGURES IN REVENUE.

We were able to fully automate their lead generation process, pre-qualify their leads using automated FB Messenger quizzes, and increase their sales conversion while saving them hours of manual work!

Rainning dollar bills
Free money!

Look, this is the closest you'll ever get to someone giving you free money.

Because, what all this means is, if we fail (very unlikely) to automate up to 90% of your DM's, we'll send you back all your money.

Think about it,

1. You'll save time and time is money.
2. You will make more sales.
3. Your customer satisfaction will increase.
4. You'll have the marvelous opportunity to work with us <3

You’re still reading this?

We haven’t convinced you yet?

You still need proof?

So far, we’ve only said what we can do but we haven’t SHOWN you actual results of what we’ve done. You’re 100% right!

Back to where we left off!

Ah Yes! Results!

Let us show you two clients out of the hundreds of businesses we've worked with in the ecommerce and consulting business that we’ve helped exponentially increase their sales and customer base to a point where they couldn’t keep up anymore!

Ok, you got me!

What is it that you need to hear?

Don't know if it's going to integrate with your current system?

Yup, if it has an api our developers will make you a beautiful shiny code bridge.

You need a website as well?
Once again, IT team to the rescue, we'll get that settled for you.

Email marketing maybe?
Yup we'll handle that for you!

Ok we can't find it you win!

Click the button below and try the live demo we kept only for people like you that need to try before they buy!


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