Services that Drive Success

Conversational AI Solutions

Chatbots are virtual assistants that talk with your clients automatically. The automated system allows for smooth and personalised marketing, as well as fluid conversations with more than one client at a time. In this era of digital marketing where clients demand lightning-fast service, we can help you not only make contact with - but actually build relationships with potential customers.

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High Conversion Rates

Getting high quality leads is hard- make sure you’re talking to the right ones. The chances of converting your leads after the first few minutes of initial contact actually go down by about 400%. Our technology ensures that your customers stay engaged and that your leads have the highest chance of getting converted.

A funnel converting information into money

Interactive Customer Service

Having conversations with your customers is the best way to learn what they really want and be able to give it to them instantaneously. Customers want the same personalized experience as they would get in retail but without the wait times. With a chatbot sales advisor, you can give them just that.

A brain being fed information from multiple source representing artificial intelligence customer service

Data Collection

Bots collect and compile your data automatically. This allows you to stay organized and understand your clients better to personalize their experience and inform your business decisions.

Two robots analyzing collected data on a futuristic screen

Digital Marketing

At Letmetalk, we believe that no two marketing strategies should be the same. That’s why we provide a unique plan for your brand. We want to position your brand for success by reaching your audience and turning your viewers into active customers. We develop media paths, combining content and context, to get your brand in front of the right audience.

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Why should you invest in Facebook & Instagram ads? Because they offer access to the most precise targeted audience you can get. We create ad campaigns that not only get you results but will also reduce your ad cost. Each ad campaign is developed specifically to achieve its goals and offer you the best ROI.

A cellphone attracting social media reactions with a magnet

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website & media presence to give your brand wider visibility and improve your rank on search engine results. We create an SEO strategy and audit your existing content, using several techniques for the best possible outcome.

A laptop with a magnifying glass

Website & Content Creation

We position your brand to stay relevant and catch your audience’s eye with strategic and unique content and website creation. Design, photo, and video- let your clients feast their eyes on what you’ve got to offer

A computer illustrating web development and design services

ERP Development

Our ERP development services allow you to organize and automate your processes, using advanced analytics and data collection strategies to help inform your business processes and marketing decisions.  We are constantly striving to partner with the best and most effective platforms out there. Our cross-platform approach allows your business to have a seamless sales process and centralized access to all your data.

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Business Automation

Automate processes and information exchange across systems to save time and reduce operating costs.

Puzzle pieces representing ERP integration


Capture and store data and the relationships between datasets with custom objects.  Having your data all in one place will help you know everything about your business and save time searching for information.

A man sitting at a computer using a dashboard or crm


Bookkeeping for any business owner is mandatory and we offer a monthly service that provides all typical accounting operations such as payroll processing, taxes, and financial statements.

A computer screen demonstrating graphs and charts
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