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Welcome to Letmetalk, a growth marketing agency led by a team of young, passionate marketers. We’re a dynamic and innovative team that’s committed to helping businesses grow.
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Our goal is to help you grow your business and increase your profits. We only succeed when you succeed. We are 100% committed to your success and we will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.
Our Team

meet our crew of game-changers.

Headshot of Stefany Forero
Stefany Forero
Business Analyst
Headshot of Olivier Coulombe-Raymond
Olivier Coulombe-Raymond
Headshot of Gabrielle Simard
Gabrielle Simard
Communication Specialist
Headshot of Pascale Thibeault
Pascale Thibault
Graphic Designer
Headshot of Anaïs Dupuis
Anaïs Dupuis
Headshot of Emanuelle Valence
Emanuelle Valence
Marketing Director
Headshot of Chloé Trujillo
Chloé Trujillo
Marketing Director
David Cavar Lacic
Web Developer
Toni Debelic
Director of Operations
Headshot of Charles Hackman
Charles Hackman
Headshot of Maude Perreault
Maude Perreault
Headshot of Jérémi Larouche
Jérémi Larouche
Graphic Designer
Headshot of Olivier Lafleur
Olivier Lafleur
Growth Consultant Director
Headshot of Samantha
Samantha Polansky
Account Manager
Headshot of William Desmarais
William Desmarais
Growth Consultant
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