“Thanks to you, we've gone from $10,000 in sales to $100,000 per month and it's been going on for 3 months already. We would never have succeeded on our own, so thank you a thousand times!”

Thank you for being there for us at all times! We really feel supported and accompanied.

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Alliance Tandem
Montreal, QC

The girls behind Alliance Tandem have always had a lot of ambitions.

When they asked Letmetalk for help, they already had a good idea of ​​the goals they wanted to achieve.

They specialize in training to show independent women how to become a virtual assistant.

With our help, they went from 0 to $150,000 in sales in just 90 days, all with an advertising spend of just $15,000.

It was with live and evergreen webinars that they worked with their first 4 weeks with us. Then, seeing the success of the commitment, we increased the ad spend budget to $300/day.

Their objective ? A 7 figure income in 1 year.

They are definitely on the right track!

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