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Pure Couleur
Blainville, QC
Beauty & Wellness

Pure Couleur is a permanent makeup studio, product and coaching business run by Chantale Corbeil. She had a proven offer, but she was a one-woman show and found herself struggling as it grew into more than she could handle on her own.

After initially bringing us on to help with scaling her product business, she quickly pivoted when she realized just how lucrative the coaching industry could be.

We were heading into a completely different direction than anticipated… But that was okay. We were up for the challenge!

Because Chantale took advantage of our full service model, we were able to combine strategies such as reviewing her offer for maximum impact, implementing a chatbot to streamline the customer experience, building funnels that helped generate money on autopilot while she slept at night, and leveraging advertising to increase conversions.

Ultimately, these strategies allowed the owner of Pure Couleur to bring in an additional $200k in revenue for her businesses in only 6 months, while only spending $20k on advertising.

We maximized her ad spend with a 10x return!

This year, we’re on track to reach $1M in sales.

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