What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is what we do best. Find out what it is, why it's effective, and how it works in this article.

Conversational marketing is a modern approach to marketing that allows you to respond to your clients 24/7. It helps to boost engagement, foster customer loyalty, and grow your business’s revenue. Today, it is an essential part of any optimal marketing strategy. Being accessible to answer questions immediately increases the user’s experience with your company increasing the likelihood of converting them to loyal customers.  

Chatbots save time and offer context. No need to spend an employee’s valuable time looking for data and responding to customers when conversational marketing can qualify leads and collect accessible customer data for you. 

Why Does Conversational Marketing Work?

Conversational marketing offers answers to your customers when they need them. People enter chatbots when their interest is already piqued and when they have the time to browse: it’s convenient and customers are more likely to remember your business when they get their answers.  

In today’s world, people are looking not just for speed, but for immediacy. Using a chatbot in your marketing strategy provides this in a realistic way, without wasting your time or energy. 

How is Conversational Marketing Applied IRL? 

If you already know why and how conversational marketing works, you might be wondering what it looks like in real life. Let’s take a look at the main ways that chatbots can be used to help businesses and their customers. 


Instant Customer Support

24/7 help available to assist customers with tracking orders, frequently asked questions, or accessing more information.  

Direct Booking

Customers have the option to book appointments or tickets directly from their phones without leaving the conversation. This has been put into action by some movie theaters and event planners to ease the need for human customer support hours. 


Browsing and Purchasing

Chatbots can offer a more personalized solution for online shopping. Fore-commerce businesses, the chatbot can allow customers to search through specific categories or check inventory quickly and immediately. 


Customer Experience

Chatbots aren’t just for solving technical problems, they’re also fun for customers and provide a more intuitive and entertaining experience. Using them for contests, quizzes, and other methods of interacting with your customers improves user satisfaction. 

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